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Project 1

Year Project Launched: Jan

2021 - Ongoing


Project: The Alicia Thomas Free school Learning 

The Temporary containers will allow children to begin their school learning for free. This is a project we have launched aimed at teaching children from the age of 6-10years old. The free school will give low-income families the opportunity to send their children to school without having to decide whether to keep the child from studying and use the money for food and keeping a roof over their head. The extra £40,000 will allow us to keep the school free by funding meals, giving teachers an affordable wage, and cater for emergency maintenance. 

Education is a key element in a child's life. This project will allow us to support over 200 students in the local province of Kinkole. Children struggle to attend school due to war, kidnappings, and parents simply not being able to afford school fees. Our project enables us to bring the school to communities and families. Allowing us to give children a future to dream about.


Project 2

Year Project Launched: March


Project: Coronavirus & Other diseases

What are we doing to support those affected by the coronavirus in DRC and other known diseases?

  1. The elderly and vulnerable – for individuals who struggle to obtain simple necessities, we offer to provide toiletries, fresh or essential items such as food, medication and companionship. 

  2. Mental health support – during such unprecedented times, self-isolation can be a negative factor. With the simple service of offering companionship through our helpline and our online platform, we can keep in touch with individuals who need regular interaction with locals and relatives abroad who struggle to make contact due to the poor internet connection in DRC.

  3. Rough sleepers – We offer support from weekly food banks and temporary accommodation to homeless individuals struggling to get by.


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