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Distribute water to the community


What do you donate to?


We aim to ensure that children of all ages can find peace in our support and receive an adequate education.

As the state does not provide educational grants due to a lack of funding, parents often have to support the total budget of their child's education. Syllabuses for children aged between 5 - 15 per year are approximately $250, around £190. However, tutors also include their wages in this costing, which can sometimes be more expensive than initially quoted. 

By sponsoring a child, you are helping them see a bright future. 



Women are greatly disadvantaged in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) due to their physical and economic position in society. This sexual violence leads to women being rejected by their spouses, internal displacement from their homes, and even unwanted pregnancy.


Only £8.50 per month will help a women buy medicine and food to provide for herself and the unborn child. 


In some parts of DRC, due to ongoing war and unsafe roads, children cannot travel to schools or homes without fear of being abducted by militia rebel groups. Because of this issue, our charity has come up with the Move to school project. 

By sponsoring a school, we can buy a bus to approach torn villages, making it safe for children to attend lessons and receive a small meal. In doing so, you will be ensuring that each child studies safely, but even more important, remind them that the future is possible. 

A child with hope can change the world. 



All donations are welcomed in good faith and accepted with gratitude. 

Donations don't always have to be money. There's no such thing as 'only a little' as a little can go a long way to someone in need.

  • Clothes

  • Shoes/Trainers 

  • Study Books of all ages

  • Stationary

  • Medical equipment 

  • Women's sanitary pads 

  • IT equipment 

  • Musical instruments


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Working together is all we can to help a nation crying for help. If you have any ideas to help fundraise or participating and would like to sponsor our charity please do not hesitate to contact us or perhaps make a donation. 

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